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frig (frigs, present participle frigging; past and past participle frigged)

  1. (intransitive, obsolete) to fidget, to wriggle around
    Will you sit down and stop frigging around.
  2. (ambitransitive) to masturbate
    She never forgot the day she was caught frigging herself in the library.
  3. (ambitransitive, euphemism) to fuck (misapplied euphemism)
    Come on honey, let’s frig.
  4. (intransitive) to mess or muck (about, around etc.)
    Be sensible, you’re just frigging about now.
  5. (ambitransitive) to make a temporary alteration to something, to fudge, to manipulate
    The system wasn't working but I've frigged the data and it's usable now.
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frig (plural frigs)

  1. An act of frigging.
  2. A temporary modification to a piece of equipment to change the way it operates (usually away from as originally designed).
    I had to put a couple of frigs across the switch relays but it works now.
  3. (euphemism) A fuck.
    I don’t give a frig!
  • IPA: /fɹɪdʒ/

frig (plural friges)

  1. Misspelling of fridge
  2. (UK, slang) An insulated binbox or cabinet used to keep food or beverages cold.
    Synonyms: cooler
    I often store beverages in my frig to keep them cold.

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