1. A fused mixture of materials used to make glass.
  2. (archaeology) A similar material used in the manufacture of ceramic beads and small ornaments. qf eastern Mediterranean; Bronze and Iron Age

frit (frits, present participle fritting; past and past participle fritted)

  1. To add frit to a glass or ceramic mixture
  2. To prepare by heat (the materials for making glass); to fuse partially.


  1. (UK, regional) Frightened.
    • 1983 Margaret Thatcher, Prime minister's questions, 19 April ↗:
      The right hon. Gentleman is afraid of an election, is he? Afraid? Frightened? Frit? Could not take it? Cannot stand it? If I were going to cut and run, I should have gone after the Falklands.
    • 2016, Alan Moore, Jerusalem, Liveright 2016, p. 272:
      “We shoulder life. We know its ins and outs. We've felt the draught at either end of it. What you're most frit of, that's our bread and jam, and none of us ain't got no time to spare on ignorant, bad-mannered little boys.”

frit (plural frits)

  1. A frit fly.

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