• (British, America) enPR: fŭk, IPA: /fʌk/, [fʌkʰ]
  • (some Northern English accents) enPR: fo͝ok, IPA: /fʊk/

fuck (fucks, present participle fucking; past and past participle fucked)

  1. (vulgar, colloquial) To have sexual intercourse, to copulate.
    Synonyms: bang, do it, eff, have sex, hump, screw, shag, Thesaurus:copulate
    Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.
  2. (vulgar, colloquial, transitive) To have sexual intercourse with.
    Synonyms: bang, eff, give someone one, hump, ream, screw, shag, Thesaurus:copulate with
  3. (vulgar, colloquial) To insert one’s penis, a dildo or other phallic object, into a specified orifice or cleft.
  4. (vulgar, colloquial) To put in an extremely difficult or impossible situation.
    I'm afraid they're gonna fuck you on this one.
  5. (vulgar, colloquial) To defraud or otherwise treat badly.
    I got fucked at the used car lot.
    Don't fuck with me.
  6. (vulgar, colloquial, often, derogatory) Used to express great displeasure with someone or something.
    Synonyms: bugger, eff
    Fuck those jerks, and fuck their stupid rules!
  7. (vulgar, colloquial, usually followed by up) To break, to destroy.
    Synonyms: annihilate, obliterate, ruin, Thesaurus:destroy
  8. (vulgar, colloquial) Used in a phrasal verb: fuck with#English|fuck with (“to play with, to tinker”).
    Synonyms: mess, toy
  9. (vulgar, transitive, comedy) To make a joke at one's expense; to make fun of in an embarrassing manner.
  10. (colloquial, vulgar, transitive, Ireland, Scotland) To throw, to lob something. qf angrily
    Synonyms: feck
    He fucked the dirty cloth out the window.
    She fucked her mobile at his head in anger.
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fuck (plural fucks)

  1. (vulgar, colloquial) An act of sexual intercourse.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:copulation
    • 1975, Alexander Buzo, Tom, [http://books.google.com/books?id=WRjQAAAAMAAJ&q=%22No,+but+I%27ve+got+a+film+of+a+couple+of+crocodiles+having+a+fuck.%22&dq=%22 page 11]:
      No, but I've got a film of a couple of crocodiles having a fuck.
    • 2001, Thomas Kelly, The Rackets, MysteriousPress.com (2012), ISBN 9781453247341, unnumbered page ↗:
      He could count on a good fuck with Lorene later on.
    • 2012, Heather Rutman, The Girl's Guide to Depravity: How to Get Laid Without Getting Screwed, Running Press (2012), ISBN 9780762445356, unnumbered page ↗:
      Are guys so intimidated by a girl who's totally blunt about the fact that she just wants a good fuck that they can't perform?
  2. (vulgar, colloquial) A sexual partner, especially a casual one.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:sexual partner
    • 2005, Jaid Black, Strictly Taboo, Berkley Sensations (2005), ISBN 9780425202456, unnumbered page ↗:
      In his mind, she was probably just another fuck, but in hers it had meant so much more than that.
    • 2008, Nicole Galland, Crossed, Harper (2008), ISBN 9780060841805, page 32 ↗:
      “He'd rather have his favorite fuck with him on the greatest adventure of his life than pay money to lie with ugly strangers. […]
  3. (vulgar, colloquial) A highly contemptible person.
    Synonyms: dickhead, Thesaurus:jerk
  4. (vulgar, colloquial) A thing of no value, a small amount.
    Synonyms: shit
    I don't give a fuck.
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  1. (vulgar, colloquial) Expressing dismay or discontent.
    Synonyms: fark, feck, fook, frick, Thesaurus:dammit
    Oh, fuck! We left the back door unlocked.
    Fuck! Why do you have to be so difficult all the time?
  • French: putain, merde
  • German: Scheiße!, Scheißdreck!, (please verify) Schiete! (Northern German) , Kacke!, Mist!
  • Italian: cazzo!
  • Portuguese: foda-se!, porra!
  • Russian: блядь!
  • Spanish: joder, puta, ¡mierda!

fuck (not comparable)

  1. (vulgar, colloquial) ngd Used as an intensifier for the words "yes" and "no".
    Synonyms: hell, god, shit, heck
    Do you censor your swearing? – Fuck no.
    Do you say it out loud and proud? – Fuck yeah.
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