fuck up
  • (noun) IPA: /ˈfʌkˌʌp/
  • (verb) IPA: /ˌfʌkˈʌp/

fuck up

  1. (intransitive, slang, vulgar) To make a mistake, to go wrong.
    Synonyms: screw up, mess up, Thesaurus:make a mistake
    You really fucked up this time.
  2. (transitive, vulgar) To botch or make a mess of.
    I fucked up question 3 of the exam.
  3. (transitive, vulgar) To injure or damage.
    I fucked up my knee while running the marathon.
  4. (vulgar) To cause someone to make a big mistake.
  5. (used only in imperative, vulgar) Short for shut up#English|shut the fuck up.
    Fuck up, mate! I don't want to listen to you!
  6. (vulgar) To cause significant physical damage to someone's body, especially in a fight.
    Synonyms: mar
  • French: merder
  • German: Mist bauen
  • Italian: fare una cazzata, farla grossa
  • Portuguese: fazer besteira, meter os pés pelas mãos, foder tudo (Brazil)
  • Russian: накосячить
  • Spanish: joder, fastidiar, meter la pata, cagar, pifiar
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fuck up (plural fuck ups)

  1. Alternative spelling of fuckup#English|fuckup

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