futurist (plural futurists)

  1. (arts) An adherent to the principles of the artistic movement of futurism.
  2. One who studies and predicts possible futures.
    Synonyms: futurologist
Translations Adjective


  1. In the style of futurism.
    Synonyms: futuristic
    • 2016, Eduardo Ledesma, Radical Poetry: Aesthetics, Politics, Technology, and the Ibero-American Avant-Gardes, 1900-2015, SUNY Press (ISBN 9781438462028), page 126 ↗:
      Salvat took to heart what Marinetti was provocatively clamoring: “Futurist poetry, having already destroyed traditional metrics and created free verse, now destroys the Latin period and its syntax. Futurist poetry is a spontaneous uninterrupted flow of analogies, each synthesized in an essential noun”.
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