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gassy (comparative gassier, superlative gassiest)

  1. Having the nature of, or containing, gas#Noun|gas.
    Synonyms: gaseous, gasiferous, gaslike
    1. (specifically) Of a beverage: containing dissolved gas (usually carbon dioxide); fizzy.
      Synonyms: bubbly, carbonated, effervescent, sparkling, Thesaurus:effervescent
      Antonyms: flat, noncarbonated, uncarbonated, ungassy, Thesaurus:noneffervescent
    2. (specifically) Of a person: tending to burp#Verb|burp; burpy.
    3. (specifically) Of a person: tending to release#Verb|release flatus; flatulent.
      Synonyms: farty
  2. Of food or drink#Noun|drink: tending to cause flatulence.
    Synonyms: farty
    Beans are a gassy food.
  3. (figuratively, informal) Tending to be long-winded or wordy, especially in a boastful and vain manner.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:verbose
    Antonyms: Thesaurus:taciturn
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