genitive (not comparable)

  1. (grammar) Of or pertaining to that case (as the second case of Latin and Greek nouns) which expresses a quality, origin or possession. It corresponds to the possessive case in English.
Translations Noun


  1. (grammar, uncountable) An inflection pattern (of any given language) that expresses origin or ownership and possession.
  2. (grammar, countable) A word inflected in the genitive case; a word indicating origin, ownership or possession.
  • French: génitif
  • German: Genitiv, Wesfall, Wessenfall, zweiter Fall, Genetiv (obsolete), Genetivus (obsolete), Herkunftsfall (obsolete), Zeugefall (obsolete), Genitivkasus, Genitiv-Kasus, Genetivkasus (obsolete), Genetiv-Kasus (obsolete)
  • Italian: caso genitivo
  • Portuguese: caso genitivo
  • Russian: роди́тельный паде́ж
  • Spanish: genetivo, caso genitivo
  • Portuguese: genitivo
  • Russian: сло́во в роди́тельном падеже́

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