give away

give away

  1. (transitive) To make a gift of (something).
    I didn't like that book, so I gave it away.
  2. (transitive) To relinquish control over.
    • 2010 September, Stephen Schenkenberg, "Many Big Ideas, One Big Transition", St. Louis magazine, ISSN 1090-5723, volume 16, issue 9, page 16:
      quote en
  3. (transitive) To formally hand over a bride to the bridegroom; often by her father.
    Who giveth away this woman to this man in Holy matrimony?
  4. (transitive, sometimes reflexive) To unintentionally reveal a secret, divulge undisclosed information, or expose someone.
    He gave himself away with a stupid lie.
    He gave away his hiding place when he accidentally sneezed.
  5. (transitive) To concede an advantage in weight, time, height etc.
    Despite giving away twenty pounds in weight, the challenger found a knock-out blow in the second round.
  6. (sports) To concede.
Translations Translations Translations
  • French: se trahir
  • Portuguese: entregar-se, denunciar
  • Spanish: delatar, verle el plumero

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