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  • (British) IPA: /ˈɡleɪ.ʃ(ɪ)əl/


  1. Of, or relating to glaciers.
    We examined the glacial deposits.
    Wang Shijin is a glacier expert and director of the Yulong Snow Mountain Glacial and Environmental Observation Research Station.
  2. (figuratively) Very slow.
    • 2010, "Under the volcano", The Economist, 16 Oct 2010:
      Progress on judicial reform has been glacial, meeting enormous resistance.
  3. Cold and icy.
    After the rain and frost, the pavements were glacial.
  4. Having the appearance of ice.
    On cold days, glacial acetic acid will freeze in the bottle.
  5. (figuratively) Cool and unfriendly.
    He gave me a glacial stare.
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glacial (plural glacials)

  1. A glacial period (colloquially known as an ice age).
    Synonyms: ice age
Proper noun
  1. (geology) Of the Pleistocene period dominated by the presence of glaciers.

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