• IPA: /ɡlɪtʃ/

glitch (plural glitches)

  1. A problem affecting function.
    Synonyms: bug, hitch, imperfection, quirk
    They are still trying to work out all the glitches.
  2. (informal, engineering) An unexpected behavior in an electrical signal, especially if the signal spontaneously returns to expected behavior after a period of time.
    cot en
  3. (video games) A bug or an exploit.
    Performing this glitch gives you extra lives.
  4. (music genre) A genre of experimental electronic music since the 1990s, characterized by a deliberate use of sonic artifacts that would normally be viewed as unwanted noise.
    Hypernyms: electronic music
    hypo en
    cot en
    • 2011, Simon Reynolds, Bring the Noise: 20 Years of Writing About Hip Rock and Hip Hop, Soft Skull Press (ISBN 9781593764609), page 313 ↗:
      You can hear this in the contemporary genre of ‘glitch’, where artists like Oval and Fennesz make radically beautiful music using the snaps, crackles and pops emitted by damaged CDs, malfunctioning software, etc.
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  • Russian: глитч

glitch (glitches, present participle glitching; past and past participle glitched)

  1. To experience an intermittent, unexpected, malfunction.
    My computer keeps glitching; every couple of hours it just reboots without warning.
  2. (video games) To perform an exploit or recreate a bug while playing a video game.
    His character will glitch into the wall and out of the level.

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