go on

go on

  1. To continue in extent.
    The meeting seemed to go on forever.
    Synonyms: endure, Thesaurus:persist
  2. To continue an action.
    I think I've said enough now; I'm not sure I should go on.
    He went on walking even when the policeman told him to stop.
    Synonyms: advance, carry on, forthgo, proceed, resume
  3. To proceed.
    He went on to win a gold medal.
    Synonyms: carry on, continue, Thesaurus:proceed
  4. To talk about a subject frequently or at great length.
    Will you stop going on about your stupid holiday.
    Sam goes on and on about Pokémon.
    • 2002, Jane Green, Bookends, 2003 trade paperback edition, ISBN 0767907817, page 67:
      "I don't believe you." I shake my head. "How on earth did you remember that? I must have told you years ago." […]
      "First of all, you go on about it far more than you think you do, […] ."
    Synonyms: blather, prattle, rabbit, Thesaurus:chatter
  5. To use and adopt (information) in order to understand an issue, make a decision, etc.
    We can't go on what this map says; it's twenty years out of date.
    I didn't make a decision because I didn't have anything to go on.
  6. To happen occur.
    What's going on?!
    I really don't want to know what goes on between you and your boyfriend behind closed doors.
    Synonyms: come to pass, take place, Thesaurus:happen
Translations Translations Translations Interjection
  1. Expressing that the speaker can continue speaking without interruption from the listener.
  2. Expressing surprise, disbelief or incredulity.
    A: He asked Fiona to marry him.
    B: Go on!
    A: ''It's true, I swear.
    Synonyms: fiddlesticks, go on with you, horsefeathers, pull the other one, Thesaurus:bullshit
  3. (AU, NZ) Expressing encouragement, see come on#Interjection|come on.
    Go on! You can do it!
    Synonyms: attaboy, you go, girl, Thesaurus:come on

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