• (British) IPA: /ˈɡɒn.də.lə/

gondola (plural gondolas)

  1. A small long, narrow [[boat with a high prow and stern, propelled with a single oar, especially in Venice.]]
  2. A hanging platform or [[car for transporting people or cargo.]]
    1. An enclosed car attached to a cable mechanically lifted up the side of a mountain; an enclosed ski lift; a [[cable car.]]
    2. The car or basket of a [[hot-air balloon, airship, zeppelin, etc.]]
    3. The hanging cart in which a glass-cleaning worker stands to clean exterior glass on tall buildings.
    4. That part of a transporter bridge that carries passengers, vehicles, along the length of the bridge span.
  3. (rail transport, US) A type of open railway [[car with low sides, used to carry heavy freight such as crushed rock or steel.]]
  4. A free-standing [[shelving unit in a supermarket.]]
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  • French: échafaudage suspendu, échafaud volant

gondola (gondolas, present participle gondolaing; past and past participle gondolaed)

  1. To travel by gondola.

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