good Lord
  1. An exclamation of amazement or disapproval.
    • 1993 May 16, "Return to New York" Jeeves and Wooster, Series 3, Episode 6:
      R. Jeeves: In my experience, ladies who spell Gladys with a W are seldom noted for their reliability, sir. It gives them romantic notions.
      B.W. Wooster: With a W, Jeeves? No, no, no, no. You spell it with a G.
      R. Jeeves: If I might draw your attention to the signature on the portrait, sir.
      B.W. Wooster: Good Lord! G-W?
      R. Jeeves: I blame Alfred Lord Tennyson and his Idylls of the King. It also accounts for Kathryn, Ysabel, and Ethyl, all spelt with a Y, but Gwladys is a particularly virulent form, sir.
    Good Lord! You should really clean out that fridge!
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