grapevine (plural grapevines)

  1. The plant, a vine of genus Vitis, on which grapes grow.
    Synonyms: winetree
    Although many grape vines have geographical names, those rarely reflect their real origin, if known at all.
  2. A rumor.
  3. An informal person-to-person means of circulating information or gossip.
    I heard through the grapevine that Jim will be leaving soon.
    • 1920, Mary Roberts Rinehart; Avery Hopwood, “The Shadow of the Bat”, in The Bat: A Novel from the Play (Dell Book; 241), New York, N.Y.: Dell Publishing Company, OCLC 20230794 ↗, [;view=1up;seq=11 pages 6–7]:
      The Bat—they called him the Bat. […] Most lone wolves had a moll at any rate—women were their ruin—but if the Bat had a moll, not even the grapevine telegraph could locate her.
  4. (skating) A move in which the feet are alternately placed in front of each other, while both remaining on the ice or ground, incorporating half-turns.
  5. (wrestling) A leglock.
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grapevine (grapevines, present participle grapevining; past and past participle grapevined)

  1. (transitive, wrestling) To restrain in a leglock.

Proper noun
  1. A city in Texas.

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