• (British) enPR: grēs, IPA: /ɡɹiːs/
  • (GA) enPR grēs, IPA: /ɡɹis/, /ɡɹiz/


  1. Animal fat in a melted or soft state
  2. (extension) Any oily or fatty matter.
  3. Shorn but not yet cleansed wool
  4. Inflammation of a horse's heels, also known as scratches or pastern dermatitis.
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grease (greases, present participle greasing; past and past participle greased)

  1. (transitive) To put grease or fat on something, especially in order to lubricate.
  2. (transitive, informal) To bribe.
    • the greased advocate that grinds the poor
  3. (transitive, informal) To cause to go easily; to facilitate.
  4. (transitive, slang, aviation) To perform a landing extraordinarily smoothly.
    To my amazement, I greased the landing despite the tricky crosswinds.
  5. (transitive, slang) To kill, murder.
  6. (obsolete) To cheat or cozen; to overreach.
  7. To affect (a horse) with grease, the disease.
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