greeny (plural greenies)

  1. Alternative form of greenie#English|greenie

greeny (not comparable)

  1. greenish; like green, combined with green
    • 1941, Emily Carr, Klee Wyck, Chapter 6,
      Resentment showed in his face, greeny-brown and wrinkled like a baked apple,—resentment that white folks should pry into matters wholly Indian.
    • "And my eyes are weird green grey. More greeny blue in daylight." —

Proper noun
  1. A nickname of the surname Green.
  2. A nickname for someone (e.g., a fictional character or a creature of myth) who is green.
    • Eh? What are you saying? Goblins are people too?! HELL NO! Goblins are responsible for all the world's evils! We must CLEANSE Enroth of the Goblin scum that has infested it! DOWN WITH GREENY!
    • 2017, ''Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
      Terra: It's a freaking nightmare. Just leave me alone. I'm okay, so get going. You heard me. Get going. You too, Greeny. [referring to Beast Boy, a superhero with green skin]

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