Pronunciation Noun
  1. plural form of gut
  2. The entrails or contents of the abdomen.
  3. (informal) Courage; determination.
    It must have taken some guts to speak in front of that audience.
    She doesn't take any nonsense from anyone—she's got guts.
  4. (informal) Content, substance.
    His speech had no guts in it.
  5. (informal) The essential, core parts.
    He knew all about the guts of the business, how things actually get done.
  6. (informal) One's innermost feelings.
    If you need someone to spill your guts out to, I'm here.
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  1. third-person singular form of gut

guts (gutses, present participle gutsing; past and past participle gutsed)

  1. (informal) To show determination or courage (especially in the combination guts out).
    He gutsed out a 6-1 win.

  1. plural form of GUT

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