• IPA: /ˈhɛəɹi/

hairy (comparative hairier, superlative hairiest)

  1. Of a person, having a lot of hair on the body.
    a hairy man
  2. Of an animal, having a lot of fur.
    hairy mammoth
  3. Of a body part other than the head, having hair growing from it.
    She is a great admirer of hairy chests.
  4. (informal) Difficult, complex, intricate, or intimidating.
    ''It’s a hairy problem, and will probably take several weeks to sort out.
  5. (informal) Causing anxiety or fright; terrifying, scary.
Synonyms Antonyms Translations Translations
  • German: pelzartig
  • Portuguese: peludo
  • Russian: мохна́тый
  • Spanish: peludo, velludo

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