handwave (plural handwaves)

  1. (literally) The wave of a hand.
    • 1871, Archibald Forbes, My Experiences of the War Between France and Germany, Volume II, 2005 facsimile edition, Adamant Media Corporation, page 354 ↗,
      The leader, an upright, broad-shouldered old man, with snow-white hair, half halts his horse with a handwave of salutation, as he reaches the Imperial Crown Prince, then gallops on with the latter hanging close on his flank.
  2. A glib statement or explanation that glosses over important details.

handwave (handwaves, present participle handwaving; past and past participle handwaved)

  1. (rhetoric, academia) To explain something superficially, skipping over important details, perhaps appealing to intuition instead.
  • Russian: (somewhat) отмахнуться

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