hapax legomenon
  • IPA: /ˌhæpæks ləˈɡɒmənɒn/

hapax legomenon

  1. (linguistics) A word occurring only once in a given corpus.
    Synonyms: hapax
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    • 1999, Casey Wayne Davis, Oral Biblical Criticism: The Influence of the Principles of Orality on the Literary Structure of Paul's Epistle to the Philippians, page 89 ↗, footnote,
      άγνως is a New Testament hapax legomenon. άγνός occurs two other times in Paul, both occurrences are in 2 Cor.
    • 2000, Steven Pinker, Words and Rules ISBN 0-465-07269-0, page 172
      There is a lovely technical term for a word that appears once in a body of text: a hapax legomenon (plural: hapax legomena), Greek for “once said.” The term comes from philology, the study of old texts.
    • 2005, Hanna Kahana, Esther: Juxtaposition of the Septuagint Translation with the Hebrew Text, page 129 ↗, footnote,
      In our case this means that πρωτοβαθρέω is an absolute hapax legomenon, if one assumes that the occurrences of βάθρον in Isa and διαβάθρη in Sam II are the result of corruptions.
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