headhunter (plural headhunters)

  1. A savage who cuts off the heads of his enemies, and preserves them as trophies.
  2. One who recruits senior personnel for a company.
    She was the best headhunter they had ever seen.
  3. (baseball) A pitcher who throws at the batter's head.
    Thankfully, there aren't many headhunters in the modern game.
  4. (ice hockey) A player who uses a hockey stick to attempt to strike an opponent's head.
    He is known as a goon and a headhunter.
  • French: chasseur de têtes
  • German: Kopfjäger
  • Italian: cacciare teste
  • Portuguese: caçador de cabeças
  • Russian: охо́тник за голова́ми

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