1. Tending or serving to heal; health-promoting; healing.
    healful remedies
    • 2008, Bernardo N. De Luca, Mind-Body and Relaxation Research Focus
      As for psychogenic death, this will be the case when three supplementary, in this case, healful conditions are fulfilled: […]
  2. Full of health or safety; healthy; whole; sound; safe.
    • 1913, Samuel Gompers, John McBride, William Green, The American federationist
      The public conscience demands that they work under healful conditions, with ample light, without overspceding, and with the same provisions for their safety at their work that the employer would desire for himself were he so employed.
    • 1957, Ray C. Petry, Late medieval mysticism
      And, therefore, what is more healful than the sweetness of this sight, or what softer thing may be felt?
  3. Affording health or salvation.
    • 1844, John Foxe, George Townsend, The acts and monuments of John Foxe
      […] since Christ will not fail to minister, himself, all lawful and healful sacraments, and necessary at all time, and especially at the end, […]

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