• IPA: /ˈhɛvɪli/


  1. In a heavy manner.
    She fell heavily into bed.
    He clomped heavily up the stairs in his boots.
    The great clod trod heavily on my toes!
  2. With a great weight.
    heavily burdened
  3. To a considerable degree, to a great extent.
    He relied heavily on the data collected by the others.
    He drank heavily.
    heavily in debt;   heavily tattooed
    • 1977, Agatha Christie, chapter 4, in An Autobiography, part I, London: Collins, →ISBN:
      An indulgent playmate, Grannie would lay aside the long scratchy-looking letter she was writing (heavily crossed ‘to save notepaper’) and enter into the delightful pastime of ‘a chicken from Mr Whiteley's’.
  4. In a manner designed for heavy duty.
    heavily armed soldiers;   heavily armoured tanks;   heavily reinforced walls
  5. So as to be thick or heavy.
    heavily built young men;   his heavily muscled arms
  6. In a laboured manner.
    he breathed heavily
  • Russian: тяжело́
  • Spanish: pesadamente
  • Russian: тяжело́
  • Russian: тяжело́

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