• (RP) IPA: /hɪˈɡɛm.ə.ni/, /hɪˈdʒɛm.ə.ni/
  • (America) IPA: /həˈdʒɛm.ə.ni/, /ˈhɛdʒ.(ə).moʊ.ni/


  1. (formal) Domination, influence, or authority over another, especially by one political group over a society or by one nation over others.
  2. Dominance of one social group over another, such that the ruling group or hegemon acquires some degree of consent from the subordinate, as opposed to dominance purely by force.
    • ie: internationally among nation-states, and regionally over social classes, between languages or even culture.
      eg: The two political parties battled viciously for hegemony.
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