• (noun) (America) IPA: /ˈhɛɹɨtɪk/

heretic (plural heretics)

  1. Someone who believes contrary to the fundamental tenets of a religion they claim to belong to.
    • In the framework of traditional medical ethics, the patient
      deserves humane attention only insofar as he is potentially
      healthy and is willing to be healthy—just as in the framework
      of traditional Christian ethics, the heretic deserved humane
      attention only insofar as he was potentially a true believer and
      was willing to become one. In the one case, people are
      accepted as human beings only because they might be healthy
      citizens; in the other, only because they might be faithful
      Christians. In short, neither was heresy formerly, nor is sick-
      ness now, given the kind of humane recognition which, from
      the point of view of an ethic of respect and tolerance, they
  2. Someone who does not conform to generally accepted beliefs or practices
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  1. (archaic) Heretical; of or pertaining to heresy or heretics.
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