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hippie (plural hippies)

  1. (1950s slang) A teenager who imitated the beatniks.
  2. (1960s slang; still widely used in reference to that era) One who chooses not to conform to prevailing social norms: especially one who subscribes to values or actions such as acceptance or self-practice of recreational drug use, liberal or radical sexual mores, advocacy of communal living, strong pacifism or anti-war sentiment, etc.
  3. (modern slang) A person who keeps an unkempt or sloppy appearance and wearing unusually long hair (for males), and because of it, often stereotyped as a deadbeat.
  4. Someone who dresses in a hippie style.
  5. One who is hip.
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  • German: Hippie
  • Portuguese: hippie
  • Russian: хи́ппи
  • Spanish: hippie, hippy

hippie (comparative hippier, superlative hippiest)

  1. Of or pertaining to hippies.
    That dress looks very hippie.
  2. (colloquial) Not conforming to generally accepted standards.
    They used a bunch of hippie compression formats instead of the usual RAR and ZIP.
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