• enPR: hō'bō, IPA: /ˈhəʊ.bəʊ/

hobo (plural hobos)

  1. (North America) A wandering homeless person, especially (historical) one illegally travelling by rail or (pejorative) a penniless, unemployed bum.
  2. (North America) Any migratory laborer, whether homeless or not.
  3. A kind of large handbag.
    • 1989, Susan Ludwig, ‎Janice Steinberg, Petite Style (page 46)
      Avoid bulky styles such as duffle sacks, buckets, doctors' satchels, and hobos.
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hobo (hobos, present participle hoboing; past and past participle hoboed)

  1. (intransitive, perhaps pejorative) To be a hobo, tramp, bum etc.
    ''Joe idly hoboed through half the country till he realized hoboing never gets you anywhere in life.

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