honeypot (plural honeypots)

  1. A pot of honey.
  2. (figuratively) Something or someone similarly sweet or enticing, particularly:
    1. (US slang, dated) A romantic pet name; "honey".
    2. (, slang) A vulva or vagina.
      • 2011, Mechele Armstrong, Code Monkey ISBN 1595788700:
        "[S]he had the boss eating from her honeypot." Baxter rolled his eyes at the crude term for pussy, but Rodney did have a point.
    3. (espionage) A spy (typically attractive and female) who uses sex to trap and blackmail a target.
      • 1989, The Washingtonian, vol. 24, page 25.
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      • 1996, John H. Waller, The Unseen War in Europe: Espionage and Conspiracy in the Second World War, Random House, ISBN 0679448268, page 226.
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      • 2004, Richard C.S. Trahair, Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage, Spies, and Secret Operations, Greenwood Press, ISBN 0313319553, page 353.
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    4. A woman who attracts sexual attention from men.
    5. (computer security) A trap set to detect or deflect attempts at unauthorized use of information systems.
      • 2007, "[http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Infotech/Internet_/Data_leak_Cyber_sherlocks_outwit_hackers/articleshow/msid-2451089,curpg-2.cms Data leak: Cyber sherlocks outwit hackers]," The Economic Times, 12 Oct. (retrieved 29 June 2008),
        Computer experts install honeypots to trick hackers.
    6. (chiefly, British) A draw: a place which attracts visitors.
      • 2004, Bernice Davidson, "England 2004: Bright lights on the water ↗," Telegraph.co.uk, 13 Mar. (retrieved 28 June 2008),
        Superb Roman remains, Georgian architecture and countless museums justify Bath's position as a tourist honeypot.
  3. (obsolete, euphemism) A chamberpot.
  4. (obsolete, euphemism) A slop bucket.
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  • Portuguese: honeypot, pote de mel

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