honker (plural honkers)

  1. One who honks.
  2. (informal) A large nose.
  3. (informal) A wild goose.
  4. (slang, mostly, in the plural) A woman's breast.
  5. (slang) Anything impressively large; a whopper.
    I caught a real honker of a fish.
  6. (slang) A loud burst of flatulence.
    • 2016, Steve Vernon, Flash Virus Omnibus: The First Five Episodes (page 39)
      I would have given a million dollars to fart a good loud juicy honker, right then and there […]
  7. (slang) The telephone.
    • 1991, Stephen King, Needful Things
      He supposed Pangborn was around someplace, and pretty soon old Bill Fullerton would get him on the honker and tell him who was back in town. Then Pangborn would find him and ask him what he thought he was doing here.
    • 2001, Paul M. Levitt, Chin Music: A Novel of the Jazz Age (page 283)
      I kidded him about the length of the call, and he said that he'd also been on the honker with A.R. […]

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