• IPA: /həˈɹaɪzən/

horizon (plural horizons)

  1. The visible horizontal line or point (in all directions) that appears to connect the Earth to the sky.
    Synonyms: skysill, skyline
    A tall building was visible on the horizon.
  2. (figuratively) The range or limit of one's knowledge, experience or interest.
    Some students take a gap year after finishing high school to broaden their horizons.
  3. The range or limit of any dimension in which one exists.
  4. (geology) A specific layer of soil or strata
  5. (archaeology, mainly, , US) A cultural sub-period or level within a more encompassing time period.
  6. Any level line or surface.
  7. (chess) The point at which a computer chess algorithm stops searching for further moves.
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