• (RP) IPA: /ˈhɔːs.ʃuː/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈhɔːɹs.ʃuː/, /ˈhɔːɹ.ʃuː/

horseshoe (plural horseshoes)

  1. The U-shaped metallic shoe of a horse.
    • 1887, David A. Wells, "The Economic Disturbances since 1873", III, Popular Science 31 (no. 37): 595
      And what has been thus affirmed of other leading commodities; the blacksmith, for example, no longer making, but buying his horseshoes, nails, nuts, and bolts;
  2. A U-shaped piece of metal used to play the game horseshoes.
  3. The U shape of a horseshoe.
  4. (bodybuilding, slang) A well-developed set of triceps brachii muscles.
  5. (logic) The symbol .
  6. (Midwest US) An open-faced sandwich originating from Springfield, Illinois State, consisting of thick-sliced toasted bread, often Texas toast, a hamburger patty, French fries, and a cheese sauce.
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  • Russian: подмно́жество

horseshoe (horseshoes, present participle horseshoeing; past and past participle horseshoed)

  1. To apply horseshoes to (a horse).
  • (to apply horseshoes) shoe

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