• (America) IPA: /ˈhʌntɚ/, [ˈhʌɾ̃ɚ]
  1. One who hunts game for sport or for food; a huntsman or huntswoman.
  2. A dog used in hunting.
  3. A horse used in hunting, especially a thoroughbred, bred and trained for hunting.
    • a sound, swift, well-fed hunter and roadster
    • 2009, Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall, Fourth Estate 2010, p. 480:
      Henry, laughing, spurs away his hunter under the dripping trees.
  4. One who hunts or seeks after anything.
    The hunter becomes the hunted.
    a fortune hunter
    • ?, Alfred Tennyson, Lancelot and Elaine
      No keener hunter after glory breathes.
  5. (psychology) A person who bottles up their aggression and eventually releases it explosively.
    cot en
    • 2008, J. Reid Meloy, ‎Lorraine Sheridan, ‎Jens Hoffmann, Stalking, Threatening, and Attacking Public Figures (page 121)
      Although their behavior does not have the same impact as hunters, howlers nevertheless distract the public figure and compel security and law enforcement […]
    • 2015, Steve Albrecht, Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities
      Hunters stalk their targets, make detailed plans, acquire and practice with weapons, and try to hurt or kill people. Howlers make bomb threats to schools, malls, churches, businesses, and government offices.
  6. A kind of spider, the huntsman or hunting spider.
  7. A pocket watch with a spring-hinged circular metal cover that closes over the dial and crystal, protecting them from dust and scratches.
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  • French: cheval de chasse
  • Italian: cavallo da caccia
  • Portuguese: cavalo de caça
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Proper noun
  1. Surname for a hunter.
  2. A male given name.
  3. A river in New South Wales, Australia.
  4. A river in Western Australia, Australia.
  5. A river in northwest Otago.
  6. A river in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  7. A locale in US.
    1. A city in Kansas, ;.
    2. A city in South Dakota, ;.
    3. A town in Arkansas.
    4. A town in New York, and a village within that town.c en
    5. A town in Oklahoma.
    6. A town in Wisconsin.
    7. CDP in Warren County, Ohio.
    8. CDP in Missouri, ;.
    9. CDP in Tennessee.
    10. An unincorporated community in Belmont County, Ohio.
    11. A ghost town in Nevada.

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