• (RP, America) IPA: /ˈhaɪ.fən/

hyphen (plural hyphens)

  1. The symbol "‐", typically used to join two or more words to form a compound term, or to indicate that a word has been split at the end of a line.
  2. (figuratively) Something that links two more consequential things.
  3. An enclosed walkway or passage that connects two buildings.
  4. Someone who belongs to a marginalized subgroup, and can therefore described by a hyphenated term, such as "German-American", "female-academic", etc.
Translations Verb

hyphen (hyphens, present participle hyphening; past and past participle hyphened)

  1. (transitive, dated) To separate or punctuate with a hyphen; to hyphenate.
  1. Used to emphasize the coordinating function usually indicated by the punctuation "-".

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