1. Partaking in idolatry; worshipping idols or false gods.
    The priests of an idolatrous religion.
  2. Engaging in excessive attachment or reverence; inordinately or profanely devoted.
    An idolatrous veneration for antiquity.
  3. Used in or designed for idolatry; devoted to idols or idol-worship.
    An idolatrous image or temple.
  4. Of or pertaining to idolatry.
    • Next morning, I sent two of my companions to make enquiry about our prospects, but they returned in the afternoon to report that things were not at all promising, as a number of shopkeepers who traded in articles used for idolatrous worship had already engaged the Towncrier to go round and announce that anyone who rented, leased, or sold premises to the "Jesus-Church" would be seized and buried alive!
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