• (RP) IPA: /ɪmˈpɒstə/
  • (America) IPA: /ɪmˈpɑstɚ/

impostor (plural impostors)

  1. Someone who attempts to deceive by using an assumed name or identity.
    • 1960, P[elham] G[renville] Wodehouse, chapter XX, in Jeeves in the Offing, London: Herbert Jenkins, OCLC 1227855 ↗:
      “I said he had a criminal face.” “He can't help his face.” “He can help being a crook and an impostor. Calls himself a butler, does he? The police could shake that story. He's no more a butler than I am.”
  2. (computer graphics) A sprite or animation integrated into a three-dimensional scene, but not based on an actual 3D model.
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