• IPA: /ɪmˈpʌlsɪv/


  1. Having the power of driving or impelling; giving an impulse; moving; impellent.
    • Poor men! poor papers! We and they / Do some impulsive force obey.
  2. Actuated by impulse or by transient feelings; inclined to make rapid decisions without due consideration.
    • my heart, impulsive and wayward
  3. (mechanics) Acting momentarily, or by impulse; not continuous – said of forces.
Related terms Translations
  • Portuguese: impulsivo, impelente, impulsor
  • Russian: импульси́вный
  • Spanish: impulsivo
  • German: impulsiv
  • Portuguese: impulsivo
  • Russian: импульси́вный
Translations Noun

impulsive (plural impulsives)

  1. That which impels or gives an impulse; an impelling agent.
  2. One whose behaviour or personality is characterized by being impulsive.

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