in front of
  1. At or near the front part of (something).
    • 1872, Charles Hardwick, Traditions, Superstitions, and Folklore :
      Both parties met in front of the Castle, the torch-bearers numbering nearly one hundred.
  2. In the presence of, in view of (someone).
    Don't fight in front of the children!
  3. Located before, ahead of, previous to (someone or something).
    I'll take the one in front of the black one.
    • ante 2002 “Mandi”, quoted in Nicholas E. Brink, Grendel and His Mother: Healing the Traumas of Childhood Through Dreams, Imagery, and Hypnosis, Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. (2002), ISBN 9780895032621, page 1 ↗:
      Several people are in front of me in line. The woman next in front of me is older, probably in her fifties.
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