1. (often followed by of) Unable to contain or retain.
  2. Plagued by incontinence; lacking the ability to restrain natural discharges or evacuations of urination or defecation.
  3. Lacking moral or sexual restraint, moderation or self-control, especially of sexual desire.
  4. Unrestrained or unceasing.
    an incontinent river of pure water
  5. (colloquial) Immediate; without delay.
Antonyms Adverb

incontinent (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Immediately, forthwith.
    • c. 1604, William Shakespeare, Othello, Act IV, Scene 3,
      He says he will return incontinent:

incontinent (plural incontinents)

  1. (obsolete) One who is unchaste.

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