• (America) IPA: /ɪnˈdɛn.ʃɝ/

indenture (plural indentures)

  1. (legal) A contract which binds a person to work for another, under specified conditions, for a specified time (often as an apprentice).
  2. (legal) A document, written as duplicates separated by indentations, specifying such a contract.
  3. An indentation.
Translations Verb

indenture (indentures, present participle indenturing; past and past participle indentured)

  1. To bind a person under such a contract.
  2. To indent; to make hollows, notches, or wrinkles in; to furrow.
    Though age may creep on, and indenture the brow.
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  • German: unter Vertrag nehmen, vertraglich binden

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