inferible (not comparable)

  1. [chiefly used 1800-1850] Alternative spelling of inferrible (synonym of inferable#English|inferable).
    • 1807, George Chalmers, Caledonia: Or, An Account, Historical and Topographic, of North Britain, volume I, book ii: “The Pictish Period — 446 A.D. 843”, chapter ii: ‘Of the Romanized Britons of the Cumbrian Kingdom, in North Britain’, gbooks I89aAAAAcAAJ, footnote g:
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    • ibidem, book iv: “The Scoto-Saxon Period — 1097 A.D. 1306”, chapter ii: ‘Of the Civil History, during this Period’, gbooks I89aAAAAcAAJ, footnote s:
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    • 1999, Adolfo Critto, Choosing Models of Society and Social Norms: Improving Choices and Quality of Life, Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, ISBN 076181454X, chapter i: “Social Norms and Consistency”, § A.1.a., gbooks vuicsOqYruwC:
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    • 2003, Josep Miró, “A Formulation for Language Independent Prelogical Deductive Inference” in Computer Aided Systems Theory — EUROCAST 2003: 9th International Workshop on Computer Aided Systems Theory: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, February 24–28, 2003: Revised Selected Papers (LNCS 2809), eds. Roberto Moreno-Díaz and Franz Pichler, Springer, ISSN 0302‒9743, ISBN 3540202218, § 3.1: ‘Comments’, gbooks BLXFUo03ADIC:
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