• (RP) IPA: /ˈɪnstɪɡeɪtə/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈɪnstəˌɡeɪtɚ/, /-ɾɚ/

instigator (plural instigators)

  1. A person who intentionally instigates, incites, or start#Verb|starts something, especially one that creates trouble.
    • 1964, Albert Pepitone, “The Reaction to Boastfulness”, in Attraction and Hostility: An Experimental Analysis of Interpersonal and Self Evaluation (The Atherton Press Behavioral Science Series), New York, N.Y.: Atherton Press, OCLC 490312942 ↗; reprinted New Brunswick, N.J.: Aldine Transaction, Transaction Publishers, 2009, ISBN 978-0-202-30886-9, page 77 ↗:
      In studies designed to arouse aggression, the instigator often not only threatens the subject, but also expresses an extremely high self-evaluation. Subjects are insulted about their intelligence, sexual attractiveness, and character, and, at the same time, the instigator implies or explicitly describes his own superiority in these respects.
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