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  • (British) enPR: ĭnʹtĭ-grəl, IPA: /ˈɪntɪɡɹəl/
  • (America) enPR: ĭnʹtə-grəl, IPA: /ˈɪntəɡɹəl/
  • (British, America) enPR: ĭn-tĕgʹrəl, IPA: /ɪnˈtɛɡɹəl/


  1. Constituting a whole together with other parts or factors; not omittable or removable
    • Ceasing to do evil, and doing good, are the two great integral parts that complete this duty.
    Synonyms: immanent, inherent, necessary, Thesaurus:intrinsic
  2. (mathematics) Of, pertaining to, or being an integer.
  3. (mathematics) Relating to integration.
  4. (obsolete) Whole; undamaged.
    • 1626, Francis Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum, Or, A Naturall Historie: In Ten Centuries
      A local motion keepeth bodies integral.
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integral (plural integrals)

  1. (mathematics) A number, the limit of the sums computed in a process in which the domain of a function is divided into small subsets and a possibly nominal value of the function on each subset is multiplied by the measure of that subset, all these products then being summed.
    The integral of x\mapsto x^2 on [0,1] is \frac{1}{3}.
  • (limit of sums)
  1. (mathematics) antiderivative#English|Antiderivative
    The integral of x^2 is \frac{x^3}{3} plus a constant.
    Synonyms: antiderivative, indefinite integral, ∫
    Antonyms: derivative
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Proper noun
  1. (space, ESA) Abbreviation of International gamma ray#English|Gamma-Ray astrophysics#English|Astrophysics Laboratory. a satellite of the European Space Agency

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