• IPA: /ɪn.ˈtɹɪn.zɪk/


  1. Innate, inherent, inseparable from the thing itself, essential.
    Synonyms: essential, inherent, innate, proper to
    Antonyms: extrinsic
    the intrinsic value of gold or silver
    the intrinsic merit of an action
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  2. (anatomy, of a body part) Situated, produced, secreted in, or coming from inside an organ, tissue, muscle or member.
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intrinsic (plural intrinsics)

  1. (computing, programming) A built-in function that is implemented directly by the compiler, without any intermediate call to a library.
  2. (video games) An ability possessed by a character and not requiring any external equipment.
    You can acquire the fire-resistance intrinsic by eating dragon meat.

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