• (British, America) IPA: /ɪnˈvɛst/

invest (invests, present participle investing; past and past participle invested)

  1. To spend money, time, or energy on something, especially for some benefit or purpose; used with in.
    We'd like to thank all the contributors who have invested countless hours into this event.
  2. (transitive, dated) To clothe or wrap (with garments).
  3. (intransitive, obsolete) To put on (clothing).
  4. To envelop, wrap, cover.
  5. To commit money or capital in the hope of financial gain.
  6. To ceremonially install someone in some office.
  7. To formally give (someone) some power or authority.
  8. To formally give (power or authority).
  9. To surround, accompany, or attend.
  10. To lay siege to.
    to invest a town
  11. (intransitive) To make investments.
  12. (metallurgy) To prepare for lost wax casting by creating an investment mold (a mixture of a silica sand and plaster).
  13. (intransitive) To be involved in; to form strong attachments to.
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  • Portuguese: cobrir
  • Russian: покрыва́ть
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invest (plural invests)

  1. (meteorology) An unnamed tropical weather pattern "to investigate" for development into a significant (named) system.

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