ironclad (not comparable)

  1. Covered with iron, steel, or some metal, armor-plated.
  2. (figuratively) Solid or certain; not able to be disputed or questioned; irrefutable.
    The suspect had an ironclad alibi for his whereabouts on the night of the crime.
  3. (figuratively) Rigorous; severe; exacting.
    an ironclad oath or pledge

ironclad (plural ironclads)

  1. A metal-plated ship, vessel, or vehicle.
  2. (military) An armor-plated warship.
  • French: cuirassé
  • German: Panzerschiff
  • Italian: corazzata
  • Portuguese: encouraçado, couraçado
  • Russian: бронено́сец
  • Spanish: nave acorazada, acorazado

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