• IPA: /ɪ.ˌrɛ.ɡjə.ˈlæ.rə.ti/


  1. (countable) An instance of being irregular.
  2. (uncountable) The state or condition of being irregular, or the extent to which something is irregular.
  3. (countable) An object or event that is not regular or ordinary.
    an irregularity of surface
  4. (countable) A violation of rules.
    An investigation of the irregularities in the company's accounts uncovered a large-scale fraud.
  5. (euphemism) Irregular bowel movement (e.g. diarrhea or constipation).
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  • French: irrégularité
  • German: Unvorschriftsmäßigkeit, Ungesetzlichkeit
  • Portuguese: irregularidade
  • Russian: наруше́ние правило

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