• (RP) IPA: /ˌɪθɪˈfælɪk/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˌɪθɪˈfælɪk/, /-θə-/


  1. (historical, Ancient Rome) Of or pertaining to the erect#Adjective|erect phallus that was carry#Verb|carried in bacchic processions.
    1. (specifically) Of a poem or song: having the metre of an ode sung in honour of the bacchic phallus.
  2. Of or pertaining to an upward point#Verb|pointing, erect penis; (specifically) of an artistic depiction of a deity or other figure#Noun|figure: possessing an erect penis.
    Synonyms: priapic
  3. (by extension) Lascivious, obscene.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:obscene
  4. (poetry) Pertaining to a metrical combination of two trochees followed by one spondee.
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  • Italian: itifallico
  • Russian: развра́тный

ithyphallic (plural ithyphallics)

  1. A poem or song in an ithyphallic metre.
  2. A lascivious or obscene poem or song.
    • 1822 October 14, Quevedo Redivivus [pseudonym; Lord Byron], “The Vision of Judgment: Preface”, in The Liberal. Verse and Prose from the South, volume I, number I, 2nd edition, London: Printed by and for John Hunt, […], published 1823, OCLC 29743109 ↗, page 3 ↗:
      I omit noticing some edifying Ithyphallics of Savagius, wishing to keep the proper veil over them, if his grave but somewhat indiscreet worshipper will suffer it; but certainly these teachers of "great moral lessons" are apt to be found in strange company.

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