• IPA: /ˈdʒɔːnt/
  • (some accents) IPA: /ˈdʒɑːnt/

jaunt (plural jaunts)

  1. (archaic) A wearisome journey.
    • 1671, John Milton, “Book the Fourth”, in Paradise Regain’d. A Poem. In IV Books. To which is Added, Samson Agonistes, London: Printed by J. M[acock] for John Starkey […], OCLC 228732398 ↗:
      Our Savior, meek, and with untroubled mind After his aëry jaunt, though hurried sore. Hungry and cold, betook him to his rest.
  2. A short excursion for pleasure or refreshment; a ramble; a short journey.
Translations Verb

jaunt (jaunts, present participle jaunting; past and past participle jaunted)

  1. (intransitive) To ramble here and there; to stroll; to make an excursion.
  2. (intransitive) To ride on a jaunting car.
  3. (transitive, obsolete) To jolt; to jounce.
  • German: herumstreunen, einen Ausflug machen
  • Russian: ката́ться
  • Spanish: paseo, excursión

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