jewfish (plural jewfishes or jewfish)

  1. Any of several fish species, principally groupers and similar-appearing fish
    1. Epinephelus itajara (Atlantic goliath grouper, spotted jewfish)
    2. Johnius australis (bottlenose jewfish)
    3. Lateolabrax japonicus (Japanese seabass)
    4. Argyrosomus japonicus (silver jewfish, also known as the mulloway jewfish in eastern Australia)
    5. Argyrosomus regius (meagre)
    6. Tandanus tandanus (eel-tailed catfish, freshwater jewfish, dewfish)
    7. Glaucosoma hebraicum (West Australian dhufish, Westralian jewfish, western jewfish)
    8. Glaucosoma buergeri (Westralian jewfish)
    9. Stereolepis gigas (black jewfish, Pacific jewfish)

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