• IPA: /dʒʊˈɹɪdɪkəl/


  1. Pertaining to the law or rule of law, legal; judicial, related to the administration of justice (as to jurisprudence, or to the function of a judge or court).
    • 1978, Michel Foucault, The Will to Knowledge, trans. Robert Hurley, Penguin 1998, page 85:
      ...in any case one schematizes power in a juridical form, and one defines its effects as obedience.
    • 2009, Alain de Benoist, The Problem of Democracy, trans. Sergio Knipe, Arktos Media Ltd. 2011, page 16:
      The influence of customary law on juridical practices is itself an index of the degree of popular ‘participation’ in the drafting of laws.
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